Tarzan Tire Swing – Why Do 91% Love it and 7% Like it?

The Tarzan Tire Swing is a modern version of the traditional tire hanging from a tree. Kids can sit on it, lay on it or stick their legs through the middle.

Kids Playing on Tarzan Tire Swing in Backyard

What Can the Tarzan Tire Swing Can Do?

Full View of Tarzan Tire Swing Hanging

This highly versatile award-winning swing can hold multiple kids at once. This makes it super fun to play on. Even parents can swing with their children (swing capacity 250 lbs).

In addition, kids can swing, spin or twist on the Tarzan Tire. You can hang the swing from a single point or 2 separate points, depending on how kids want to use it.

It’s actually a new “spin” on the web swing concept, except that it has a hole in the center where kids can swing their legs.

Tarzan Tire Goes Anywhere…

The Tarzan Tire Swing can hang from a swing set, a tree or even indoors. That said, choose a large rooms and allow plenty of clearance if you choose to use it indoors. Swing diameter is 40″ wide.

Close-Up View of Webbing of Tarzan Tire SwingThe package includes all of the hanging hardware you’ll need to install your swing in minutes. Seriously.

However, if you want to hang it from your backyard tree, get a tree swing hanging kit. You’ll get a super strong 4-foot strap plus a carabiner to support the swing (and protect your tree!).

The height of the swing itself is adjustable (65″ maximum height). This makes it a lot easier to hang from a variety of different locations.

Tarzan Tire Swing Specs:

Tire Rim and Knots of Tarzan Tire Swing

  • Dimensions: 40″ Diameter (outer edges), 15″ Diameter (inner circle)
  • Height: Adjustable to 65″ Maximum Height
  • Material: Padded Steel Frame, Nylon Webbing
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Swing Weight: 9.8lbs
  • Age Recommendation: 5+
  • Color: Black Frame, Green Webbing
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  • Get it Here

Below is a short video clip of the swing in action. I wonder if the kids are having fun.


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