2018 Tree Swing Comparison Chart

Wondering which tree swing to buy? Wonder no more! Use this handy comparison chart to compare tree swings by size, price, rating, weight capacity, special features and more…

Tree Swings Price (approx) Rating
(w/ included rope)
Seat Dimensions Weight Capacity Special Features
Surfboard Swing
Swurfer Surfboard Swing
$129-139 4.8 20 feet 33″ x 10″ 250 lbs Use to improve surfing & other board sport skills. Swing back & forth or side to side. Assembly required. See Swurfer Swing Review
Skateboard Swing
Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing
$105-115 4.5 7 feet 32″ x 8″ 250 lbs Swing back & forth or side to side like a skateboard. Comes fully assembled. Use swing hanging kit to attach to tree. See Skateboard Swing Review
Web Swing
Web Swing
$85-95 4.8 5 feet 39″ diameter 600 lbs Swings and Spins. Holds multiple kids at once. Comes fully assembled with 2 steel monster clips at top of hanging ropes for easy install. Optional Tree Straps. See Web Swing Review
Tarzan Tire Swing
Tarzan Tire Swing
$120-130 4.8 5.5 feet 40″ diameter 250 lbs

Can hang from one point or two, kids can hang legs through middle, padded outer frame. See Tarzan Tire Swing Review

Giant Saucer Swing
40-Inch Giant Saucer Swing
$85-100 4.8 6 feet 40″ diameter 250 lbs Can hang from one point or two, made of durable, weatherproof oxford fabric & mesh. See Giant Saucer Review
Teardrop Hanging Chair
Teardrop Hanging Chair Enclosed Tree Swing
$120-200 3.5 5 feet 60″ diameter 300 lbs Extra-large adult size enclosed tent-like swing, comes in 12 different colors. See Teardrop Hanging Chair Review
Hammock Chair Swing
Hammock Chair Swing
$30-50 4.4 4 feet fabric 40″ x 50″ 265 lbs Comes with 2 cushions, comfortable cotton-polyester fabric, machine washable, optional chair stand available, comes in 4+ different colors. See Hammock Chair Swing Review
Skycurve Platform Swing
Skycurve Platform Swing
$150-170 4.3 5 feet 60″ x 32″ 400 lbs Stand, sit or lay on it, large enough for 4 kids to play on. See Skycurve Review
Platform Swing
Platform Tree Swing
$135-150 4.8 8 feet 30″ x 40″ 250 lbs Swings and spins. Assembly required. Use swing hanging kit to attach to tree. See Platform Swing Review
Spinner Swing
Spinner Swing
$60-70 4.8 10 feet 27″ diameter 200 lbs Swings and spins. Comes fully assembled. Tree swing hanging kit included free. See Spinner Swing Review
Wooden Tree Swing
Wooden Tree Swing
$65+ 4.7 Varies 24″ x 9″ 250 lbs Swing sold in many lengths, buy according to length you need. Ends of rope has eyelets for easy hanging. How to hang. See Wooden Tree Swing Review
Horse Tire Swing
Pony Pal Horse Tire Swing
$60-$80 4.6 53″ Approx 11″ wide 175 lbs Recycled tire shaped into horse. For younger children ages 3-10. See also Tractor Swing for boys. See Tractor Swing Review

Notes on Tree Swing Kits

1. Many of these tree swing packages can also be attached to a swing set instead of hung from a tree. For example, the platform, web and spinner swings can be used this way.

2. Most tree swing packages will require a tow strap or tree hanging kit to attach the swing securely to a branch. This is simple and inexpensive to do. Find out how to hang a tree swing here.

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